Teeth Whitening

For the individual interested in whitening their teeth, we have two options available: laser whitening or home whitening. 

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

As seen on the hit TV show - Extreme Makeovers

The Zoom!® In-Office Whitening System uses proprietary technology to whiten your teeth an average of eight shades (individual results may vary) in about one hour while you relax at your dentist’s office.

Zoom!® is a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. It's safe effective and fast, very fast. In just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. The convenience of Zoom! in comparison to days of using strips or wearing trays makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

The Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure follows these steps:

1. A dentist checks their patient’s teeth and gums. This is because the dentist must first decide whether or not the patient’s gums are healthy enough to handle teeth bleaching.

2. If the patient is able to proceed with the Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will then embark on a short preparation to isolate the patient’s lips and gums.

3. From there, the dentist will then apply the Zoom!® whitening gel, which contains specifically formulated, pH balanced hydrogen peroxide, on the patient’s teeth.

4. To activate the Zoom!® whitening gel, the dentist applies a specially designed, low-heat light that penetrates the patient’s teeth. The effect of this process is that the hydrogen peroxide contained in the Zoom!® whitening gel attaches itself to stained molecules on the teeth, weakening them. This allows oxygen to enter the patient’s tooth enamel and whitens them.

5. The dentist then repeats this twenty-minute gel application two more times for the Zoom!® teeth whitening system to reach its full effect.

6. To end the Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure, the patient undergoes a five-minute fluoride treatment.

Additionally, the Zoom!® teeth whitening system is available for home use. Known as the Zoom!® Take-Home Whitening System, it works under the same principles as the Zoom!® teeth whitening system except it works over the course of three nights.

Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is an in-office procedure that is done using a whitening solution and a high intensity light. After cleaning your teeth thoroughly, we protect your gums by placing a barrier on them directly above your teeth using a little brush. The solution is then activated by the high intensity light.

Some patients do experience sensitivity either during or after the procedure. The amount of sensitivity does vary and normally goes away within a day or two.

The results and how long it lasts also varies, therefore is not something that we can guarantee. Over time, natural things such as coffee, tea, pop, strawberries, curry, etc., discolor your teeth. In order to counteract this, we normally suggest that patients who do the laser whitening should also purchase a mini home whitening kit. 

Home Whitening

A second option for whitening is home whitening. For this option we take impressions of your teeth. From these impressions we make trays that fit your teeth exactly. Since we have to make the trays, this option does require you coming to the office twice. First to take the impressions which takes about half an hour, second to make sure the trays fit correctly. With this kit you are given 4 tubes of whitening gel.

Each night you will spread small amounts of gel in appropriate areas for both the upper and the lower trays. We normally suggest that you do this for ten nights in a row. Some people do experience sensitivity with the home whitening kit in which case we suggest that you stop the procedure for one or two nights then start up again when the sensitivity has subsided.

The 4 bleaching gel tubes should last approximately 20 applications. When they are finished, more gel can be purchased from our offices.