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Sponsors for Miss Canada Universe 2014

Dental Gateway Center is proudly sponsoring Miss Canada Universe 2014

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Dr. Shishir Vora unsprungligen fran Indian men numera boende i kanada, utvecklar sina kunskaper Om dentala implantatbehandlingar i sverige.

Second-hand smoke may cause cavities in children

Children whose parents smoke are more likely to develop dental cavities according to a study from the University of Rochesters Strong Children's Research Center.

Plaque and your Body

Bacteria impact more than just your mouth. Researchers are finding that that they can worsen—or even cause—problems elsewhere in the body.

Dentists Warned To Look Out For Oral Piercing

West Virginia University School of Dentistry report on who came to the clinic with wisdom tooth pain and swelling of the left jaw associated with multiple site piercing's.

Scientists May Have Found Link To Early Childhood Tooth Decay

ECC is a preventable condition characterized by decay of primary teeth which may begin as an infant's teeth erupt

Chronic Periodontal Disease Could Lead to Diabetes

Chronic periodontal disease may contribute to diabetes, according to a review of recent research presented last week. People with diabetes are more prone to developing.

Possible Link Between Gum And Heart Disease

Taking bacteria samples directly from patients' mouths and exposing the samples to human blood platelets, researchers further confirmed a possible link.

Clean mouths could halt premature births

OTTAWA - Pregnant women who have their teeth scraped of plaque and tartar can dramatically reduce their risk of having a premature baby, a major new study suggests.